Monday, February 4, 2013

Theodent Chocolate Toothpaste!

I always hated being a kid. I can't understand why some ride the nostalgia train about childhoods. What's so great about being bossed around and told to sleep now, eat this, don't do that and brush your effin' teeth? I'd never choose to be be a child again, but for this! This is chocolate toothpaste for crying out loud!!!

American company, Theodent has recently released a chocolate-flavoured toothpaste for kids, which will be available for sale worldwide through their website for ... gulp...$9.99 (that's approximately INR 530). But there are more 'chocolate' angles to this product than meets the eye. The company introduced a fluoride-free toothpaste a year ago that contains Rennou, a propriety extract from cocoa, that it says strengthens tooth enamel. Unlike fluoride, it isn't toxic in nature and hence perfectly safe, even if ingested, as often happens with kids.


Theodent is available for adults also - in Theodent Classic Whitening Crystal Mint and Theodent 300 Whitening Crystal Mint variations - both with the revolutionary Rennou component, of course.  But, the adult versions taste minty rather than chocolaty like the Kids' variant. No prizes for guessing which one I want.

“Now we have the best of both worlds: a toothpaste with an active ingredient derived from chocolate that tastes like chocolate as well,” President and Chief Executive Officer Arman Sadeghpour was quoted saying in a release.

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