Thursday, February 14, 2013

Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant

Like anyone concerned with basic grooming, I don't step out of the house without wearing deodorant. Over the years I've become a fairly old hand at trying out the sprays and deo sticks of all brands. I've taken recommendations, tried out newer names, scents, and generally been pretty open to subjecting myself to anything that can make me 'smell great all day'.

One such round of experimentation brought me to the Axe Dark Temptation - a chocolate-scented deo. Did anyone just say chocolate scented? Now that sounded shizz! The Axe commercial showed a guy made of chocolate walking down a street and women flocking to him to eat pieces of him. As silly as the commercial was, I was just curious to know how it feels like to smell chocolaty all day long.

As you lift a can of Dark Temptation and bring it close to your nose, it gives out a very mild, distantly chocolaty aroma - not at all like the smell of Dairy Milk. for example. One might be forgiven for expecting a hint of chocolate, which is not too strong but pretty much dry and airy.

However, wearing the deo all day was not a pleasant experience at all. The chocolate scent seemed to become another beast altogether - an overpowering, obnoxiously semi-chocolaty aroma. So much so that at one point it almost made me want to puke out of dizziness.This overwhelming scent lasted well over nine hours. The good part was that it didn't bother the skin with any allergic reactions Personally, I would not recommend this, although a discerning consumer might want to give it a try.

As a parting note, I might add that chocolate scented deo is targeted majorly at the young, carefree consumer. It may earn this age group brownie points at a night-out, but a chocolate-scented deo may just smell out of place at workstations or business meetings.

Guest review by: Nikhil Deshmukh
Price: approx Rs. 140 for a 150 ml can.

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