Friday, February 8, 2013

Nestlé Milkybar

This is one of those reviews that must be written because there are Milkybars in the market. I wouldn't be caught dead with one, because who the fuck eats white chocolate? White chocolate isn't chocolate at all! Yeah, yeah, it's made of cocoa butter (and milk solids and sugar and salt), but what does not have cocoa  solids in it, and therefore none of the goodness of the theobromine and other thingamagics, is as good as useless. Basically, chocolate without cocoa = no sexy compounds = no serotonin = FAIL! I mean, there should be something in chocolate besides its waist thickening properties, right?

So, basically white chocolate is useful only for your enemies to get fat and yes, aesthetics! A slab of white chocolate is a beautiful thing to look at and touch with its creamy, ivory surface and makes for excellent chocolate porn. ;)

Okay, coming back to Nestle's Milkybar, it still sucks. I ate a bar after I don't know how many years, and it still is that sickeningly sweet product that put me off white chocolate as a child. It is smooth in the way all white chocolates are, given the amount of cocoa butter they contain. But taste wise, it is below average than even most other Nestlé chocolates.

Unsurprisingly, few other indigenous brands make white chocolate in the country. Chief players, Cadbury and Amul, have no white chocolate products for example. But if Milkybar has managed to stay in the market for as long as I remember, it must have a strong enough demand. At INR 10 for an 18 g bar, I guess it has enough takers. Milkybar even comes in variations like Milkybar Choo (in Strawberry and Chocolate flavours) and Milkybar Crispy Wafer.

 I don't know who eats them. I certainly don't [but for the love of this blog].



  1. That white chocolate has cacao comes as a shock to me. It suck. not just nestle... tough I suspect this one must have been like over sweet milk, but even toberlone and other brands cant do much with it. I'm going to stick with mom's milk toffee, atleast you know what you're getting into and its free except for the stirring;)

  2. Make that sucks plus three. Yup, mum's milk toffee is much better.

  3. Ummm... I eat milkybar and love it. Have a special connection with it since childhood, thanks to that 'Milky bar gimme the power' comic strip. :P

  4. Haha! Then you must be forgiven. The power of comic strips can never be underestimated. :D

  5. white chocolate is not chocolate . i have tried the one which says choco and it was quite bad .


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