Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pure Temptation Choco Blast

As a chocoholic and mother to a 3-y-o, I'm constantly on the lookout for new chocolate products. I recently came across these little chocolate cones in a supermarket and was heartened to see that they are from an indigenous brand. Usually, these fancy-schmancy goodies are from China or other South East Asian countries. Pure Temptation is an Indian brand based in Gujarat, founded by entrepreneur Harsha Gandhi. For retail, the brand makes a chocolate spread called Choco Spread and these chocolate cones called Choco Blast apart from other industrial chocolate products like sauces, pastes syrups and jellies.

Choco Blast is a small waffle cone filled with chocolate, fashioned after packaged ice cream cones. The paper wrapping and card circle on the card top make them resemble ice cream and keep the product intact. The 2-inch cones are filled with gooey chocolate, all the way to the bottom, making them quite a mouthful. The flavours are rather pronounced; the orange chocolate is rather orange-y, for instance. The Roasted Almond flavour has pieces of roasted nut in it and is one of my favourites. The texture of the cone is crispy, and the taste of the chocolate is quite satisfactory. By satisfactory, I mean not too sweet. Excessively sweet confections is the cardinal sin of all Indian chocolate makers.

Chocoblast is available in different chocolate variations like plain, orange, mint, coffee and roasted almond. Apparently, a white chocolate cone is also to be launched soon. The cones cost INR 12 apiece, but are also available in 10 or 15-piece boxes of one or assorted flavours. The price of the product may not be as much for the chocolate as for the innovation, but it is worth it. I certainly hope more Indian companies come up with innovative products like this.

RATING: 3.5/5


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