Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocolate things at Costa Coffee

Scoff all you want at my teenager-like preference, but the Costa Coffee outlet in Chembur, Mumbai is one of my favourite hangouts. What else is one supposed to do with teetotaler friends, aye? Drink coffee at a cafe, and if you're stupid like yours truly, you go ahead and order chocolate beverage. And if you're doubly stupid, you coerce your friend to order some more chocolate beverage.

So we waited expectantly for our Hot Chocolate, Double Chocolate Cooler, and Choconut Cookies to arrive hoping to die a chocolate overdose death by the end of the hour. Our pretty-looking drinks arrived in Costa's typically-pretty glassware but the contents were disappointing. The hot chocolate was insipid, and I could very well be drinking watered-down Bournvita. We hoped the Double Chocolate Cooler would fare better, but there didn't seem to be even a single portion of chocolate in there. At INR 110 for a small cup of Hot Chocolate and INR 160 for the Double Chocolate Cooler, the disappointment seemed magnified. If Costa is trying to do subtle here, I'm not sure it's such a good idea.

My last hope were the Choconut Cookies. At INR 80 for a pair, the cookies had better be good. Thankfully, they were. While I'm no fan of soft-baked cookies, these tasted quite decent with the dark chocolate and a generous amount of nuts - cashews and almonds. But these are not something I'm buying again.

Overall, the chocolate things at Costa Coffee were a disappointment, and you'd do best to stick to what Costa is known for - their coffee.

RATING: 2.5/5


  1. Urmi, I dedicated my whole afternoon reading chocosophy. I am not a chocolate fan and so kept spikking the links post on FB; however ur consistency and writing had to read once again. I may not be a chocofan, but I am an Urmi fan :) Loved ur writing and love u.

  2. My dear Akanksha,

    This is possibly the greatest compliment for a blogger/writer; to be told that a reader read on despite the subject not being of interest to them. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Join the blog, if you would like to keep reading. :)


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