Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birdy's Chocolate Eclair

Day 37 for Chocosophy, and today I have the first follower for my blog. A big shoutout to Vandana Choudhary. Thank you and welcome to Chocosophy.  

And today, there is another first. I've been in two minds about starting dessert reviews, because no F&B establishment can be consistent with their sweet offerings the way a company can. However, when a colleague bought me a chocolate eclair from Birdy's yesterday as 'payment' for the N number of times he borrows my phone charger, I decided to review it afterall. This blog is turning me into one of those Instagram freaks who can't eat anything without taking a picture of it. All things chocolate in my case, but it's freaky enough when someone's about to tuck into a dessert, and you snatch it from right under their spoon because you want to take a picture first. Ah, well...

It was hard not to photograph the happy red box, emblazoned with Birdy's name and logo. Happier still was the sight inside it! A gooey, dark chocolate-coated eclair sat in it, begging to be eaten. (The gym instructor could go to hell for that moment!) For those who don't know any eclairs other than those hard, shitty sweets in shiny golden wrappers, an éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux (a light, fluffy dough) filled with cream and topped with icing.

The chocolate eclair from the Birdy's outlet in Chembur is all that plus some divine. The chocolate is dark and gooey with just the right amount spread on the pastry. The pastry is delightfully crumbly, indicating copious amounts of butter in it, and the cream filling inside is sweet and generous.  For INR 45 apiece, it is well worth it.

Make all the phallic symbol jokes you want about it, but try it you must.

RATING: 3.5/5

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