Saturday, February 23, 2013

News: Chocolate resume, chocolate glass and chocolate fashion

The 8th Annual For the Love of Chocolate Gala that was held on the February 23rd by French Pastry School had a fancy Old Hollywood themed chocolate-y regalia with the Dessert Dance Party and the dramatic apex of the evening, the Cocoa Couture Fashion Show! Sexy, eh? 

What's better than beer? Chocolate beer. What's better than chocolate beer? Drinking it in an edible chocolate cup. Aye, chocoficionados. Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen, have introduced this genius of an idea with their Imperial Chocolate Stout. The cup aims to counteract the bitterness of the stout, is stable at room temperature and can withstand at least five beers. I want!

And a Nicholas guy somewhere on this planet made this fabulous resume, printing it on the packaging of a chocolate bar and got the job. Like, obviously! The image surfaced recently on Imgur


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