Saturday, February 16, 2013

Brown Bath and other chocolate art

The new chocolate zealot me was surfing the net for chocolate (since the GM dieter me couldn't eat any), when I came across this amazing slideshow on that has 14 delicious Works of Chocolate Art. While all 14 are unique, I wanted to share two striking works with my readers.

Braunes Bad (Brown Bath) by Sonja Alhäuser

German artist, Sonja Alhäuser works primarily with edible sweets to bust that notion of immortality of art. Very often she invites guests to her show to bite off pieces of her art work! At a particular show in 2009, she actually bathed in a tub of chocolate and, in installations of the same work, guests were free to dive in as well. Boy, I'd have liked to do that!

You can't have your cake and eat it too by Leandro Erlich
In another artwork from 2009, Argentinian artist, Leandro Erlich created this incredibly life-like replica of the world-famous Barcelona style couch out of angel food cake and oodles of chocolate! The leather-like finish of the couch was created with chocolate and looked so real that guests at the American Patrons of Tate's Haunch of Venison Cake Party must have had real difficulty deciding whether to eat it or sit on it. Sweet, sweet dilemma!


  1. Amazing! A chocolate bath?!! This is straight out of Tim Burton's fantasies! I'm sure you'd love to do that. I though, would prefer that chocolate bed. I mean who doesn't love breakfast in bed. :)

  2. If I had my way, I'd be rolling in chocolate all day. ;)


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