Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dallas Chocolatier makes chocolate heels!

Ever lusted after a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, thinking they were pretty enough to eat? Now you can. Well, almost. Andrea Pedraza, a Dallas-based chocolatier has combined her love of chocolate and high heels in an interesting enterprise. She carefully fills gourmet chocolates in moulds and uses exquisite red ganache to create the red soles of the shoes - much like a real life CL pair.

And while it is women who are usually hooked on to shoes, her majority clientele for chocolate heels is surprisingly male. Prices start at $35 per shoe. They can be gifted just like that in beautiful boxes, or be filled with more chocolates! Well, men who gift their sweethearts beautiful edible chocolate shoes this Valentine's Day are sure to meet with success... ahem later in the evening.


  1. Amazing chocolate art. And one would probably never know it as soon enough unless you cull such info out and share on your blog. Keep it up, U. :)

  2. Sorry for coercing you into this, Nikhil, but thank you soooooo much! I put in a lot of effort into this baby and it feels good to have some visible reactions i here. :D

  3. Nooo you're not coercing at all baba. Should be posting comments here first, then maybe on FB. And i love commenting on the blogs. Even on your other blog i used to. All i need to do is do this more often and that i will. :)


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