Friday, February 22, 2013

FUBAR Dead Soldier Chocolates

(Image credit: Fresh Juice Party)

These chocolates are Fucked Up Beyond All Repair (FUBAR) alright. And it is the err... brainchild of the Fresh Juice Party, which is basically a group of California-based activists. These chocolates are the party's way of making a political statement against the Obama government sending American soldiers to Afghanistan  like 'consumable commodities'.

The chocolates, resembling dead and maimed soldiers in coffins were created by amateur chocolatier and Fresh Juice Party head, Naomi Pictairn, according to the Huffington Post. The Obama administration did not respond to these, but the idea was just to make a "rude statement about something that's worse than just rude ... Our government is sending soldiers out, throwing them in a box and sending back the pieces," Pictairn was quoted saying.

 (Image credit: Fresh Juice Party)

While the chocolates are not approved for human consumption, Huffington Post editors tried them all the same, and they apparently taste like 'hardened cereal milk, far too sweet to be called anything but sugar'.

Well, chocolate can have a pretty grim face too. Who'd have thunk?

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  1. Dead soldiers chocolates that make political statements? That's just gory. Guess i wouldn't go for it however good they may have tasted. In this case they don't even pass the taste test i guess. But wow, what a way to protest.


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