Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ferrero Rocher

I still maintain that Ferrero Rocher is an overrated product, but they've slowly grown on me. My 3-yo is especially fond of them and you can imagine what happens when chocolates lie around in a chocoholic's house. What makes the chocolate so appealing is its trademark golden packaging. The round, uneven chocolates are wrapped in matt gold wrappers with a brand sticker on the top, and a mini brown paper cup at the bottom. The gold wrappers are ingeniously stuck to the brown bases so that they come off in one easy sweep. 

The chocolate is also popular for its multi-layering, a signature Ferrero concept. We've reviewed Raffaello here, and that too has four similar layers. Ferrero Rocher's outermost layer has chocolate mixed with nuts, giving it the uneven texture; the second layer has crunchy wafer; the the third has gooey chocolate and the fourth innermost layer a hazelnut.

The makers pride themselves on this original recipe, which takes into account all processes including the roasting of the cocoa to the picking of the hazelnuts. They claim that only the best hazelnuts, including the Tonda gentile from the Langhe area in Piedmont, are chosen for Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

I am not one of them, but since its introduction in 1982, Ferrero Rocher has earned millions of fans the world over. What I want to try, however, is the dark chocolate variation of the Ferrero Rocher called the Rond Noir. Haven't seen them around; don't think many places in India sell them, if at all.

Ferrero Rocher is immensely popular as a gift, and since it is available in many kinds of packs - starting with three pieces - it is very convenient. Priced INR 275 for a 16-piece (290 gm) pack, I find them a tad expensive, but I'm sure there are many Fererro Rocher zealots who don't mind it one bit.



  1. Ferrero Rocher, the crown prince of chocolates. Insanely popular world over. As kids, the one thing we most looked forward to whenever our NRI relatives came calling was them offering us some Rochers. Unwrapping the round & tempting chocolate from that golden paper wrapping was the high point of chocogasm. Also a Ferrero Rocher never failed with the ladies. One thing a lot of men should be thankful to Rocher for.:)

  2. Although none of my relatives gave me any Ferrero Rochers, I can well imagine the kind of anticipation kids might have for these. My own goes quite gaga over them, and I'm glad he doesn't have to depend on any relatives to bring him these. :)


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