Thursday, October 31, 2013

Milka Noisette

Established in 1826 by Philippe Suchard, Milka is one of the oldest Swiss chocolate brands in the world. The brand name Milka was trademarked as early as 1901 and it has been derived from the German words 'Milch' (milk) and 'Cacao' (cocoa). Some suggest that the brand name was Suchard's tribute to a famous soprano of those times, called Milka Ternina.

The brand changed many hands over the years, and was finally bought over by Kraft Foods, now Mondelez International in October 2012. Today, the brand famous for its trademark purple packaging, the purple cow mascot and quality products has a global presence. Especially so now, since I could buy it off the supermarket's shelf in Mumbai.

Despite my sworn dislike for milk chocolate, I will say one thing. This is the best milk chocolate I've ever had. The Milka Noisette (hazelnut) Milk Chocolate is a very rich-tasting chocolate with a beautifully dense texture. It's smooth as silk and melts in your mouth releasing the sturdy flavour of hazelnut. It's as sweet as any other milk chocolate, but I didn't mind that for the first time. Hell, I love it and if I had to pick one milk chocolate among the many I've ever had, it would be this one.

At INR 160 for 100g, it's not very expensive either and it has Chocosophy's love!

RATING: 4.5/5

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