Saturday, October 26, 2013

El Almendro Turron Almond Crocanti with Chocolate

The website for El Almendro doesn't work, but from what I gauge from the box and their inactive Facebook page, it is a very old Spanish company, having been established in 1883.Their products are apparently exported to a number of countries, judging by the number of languages of information there are on the packaging. The brand El Almendro seems to sell many versions of the Spanish tourron. Turron is basically a nougat confection typically made of honey, sugar, egg white and almonds or other nuts. Spanish tourrons come in hard and soft varieties. The soft variety has oil in it, which makes it stickier.

The El Almendro Turron Almond Crocanti with Chocolate is one of their many variants. The Spanish word 'Crocanti' roughly translates to 'crisp' in English. This 'crispy' bar has almonds and nougat on one side and a layer of milk chocolate on the other. However, the chocolate does nothing for the product because the taste of nougat and whole almonds is so dominant. I also am not a fan of the sticky texture of nougat, so this combination didn't work for me at all.

In India, El Almendro products are imported and marketed by Mumbai-based Tree of Life Pvt. Ltd. This 75g bar costs INR 160 and may be found in specialty confectionery stores in and around Mumbai. It isn't anywhere on my preference list, but nougat fans might enjoy it.


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