Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hintz Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

There's very little to glean from their basic, unpretentious website, but here's what Hintz is all about. A German company, based in Bremen, Hintz has been producing food (and non food) products for over 25 years. They export products like Cocoa, Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, Honey, Jam, etc. to many countries the world over and are known for their quality. I recently spotted a Hazelnut Chocolate Spread by them, and wanted to know how it would fare as compared to the formidable Nutella.

Turns out the Hintz Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is as good if not better than Nutella. Before Nutella fanatics scream 'SACRILEGE', let me help you compare the products:

1. Packaging - Hintz comes in a glass jar like Nutella, although the label design may not be as attractive
2. Price - Hintz is relatively cheaper than Nutella
3. Consistency - Hintz has the same creamy, smooth consistency as Nutella
4. Taste - Hintz has a taste very similar to Nutella with the perfect balance of Hazelnut and Chocolate; I think I prefer Hintz to Nutella

I make these points, having used this product for quite a while. It is oh-so-spreadable and goes wonderfully with breads, crepes, pancakes, dosas, and what you will. What's more, it dissolves very well in milk, thereby making beautiful chocolate milk/shake. It costs INR 225 for a 400g jar and is totally addictive. I recommend.

RATING: 3.75/5

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