Sunday, October 6, 2013

Valor Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa

I love dark chocolate, but I usually draw the line at 70% and am not among those chocolate snobs who pretend to enjoy 98% cacao in their bar. I find it way too bitter and much prefer a 60-70% concentration. Always on the lookout for new brands to try, I picked up this bar of 70% dark chocolate by Spanish chocolate brand, Valor, literally meaning value. The brand aims at to offer... ahem... 'adult pleasure' through its chocolates.

Established in 1881 by one Don Valeriano López Lloret on the small scale, the business was formalised in 1916 and there on, Valor steadily grew in size and the variety offered to their patrons. The company celebrated 125 years in 2006 and through their franchise model, have taken business to a new level. Their current range of products include chocolate bars, chocolate bonbons, hot chocolate, bakery products and gourmet chocolate.

The 70% dark chocolate bars are something of a specialty and is available in different flavours like mint, toffee, pear, banana, coffee, orange, etc. However, I picked the plain dark chocolate as a first preference and a measure of the true taste of the chocolate. The chocolate isn't too smooth, but that's something I think is true of all chocolates with a cocoa concentration of 70% and more. It has a fair taste, but not much aroma and will probably taste well when paired with other things. It is a no frills chocolate and easily passable. However, I'd love to try some of their unconventional flavours like Banana Dark Chocolate.

RATING: 2.5/5

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