Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Clayspray Chocotherapy Pure Cocoa Mask

While this one's made for the face, I have little doubt that most of it is going to go in my mouth if I ever lay hands on it. I'm pretty sure the laying my hands on it bit will never happen because this damn thing costs INR 6070! So, basically this is a resentment post. But oh ye, the rich amongst us, you ought to try it.

Why? Because the Clayspray Chocotherapy, a mask for the face and body, is pure chocolate Emulsion with natural mineral water. Imagine smearing pure cocoa on yourself and getting all those amino acids, proteins and minerals. The product serves as a moisturizing and soothing treatment, which is also revitalizing and energizing.

And if you don't buy into all that froufrou, think of it as an expensive way of improving your mood, reducing stress and fatigue. And hey, if can be used on the hair too.

Buy it at: JCKRC Spa Destination Pvt. Ltd., Tel: +91-22-27757532

Price: Rs. 6070/-

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