Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chocolate Chicken!

So when the curiosity got the better of me, I headed to IMAX, Wadala (Mumbai) to watch 'Gravity' and see what the huge fuss was all about. I was unimpressed by the movie, especially so because we I an eye-watering Rs 630 per ticket. And I would have completely forgotten the outing had it not for this exciting dish I discovered at an eatery called Zenzibu at IMAX.

Chocolate-loving gentlemen and ladies, I present to you, CHOCOLATE CHICKEN! This nondescript looking oriental restaurant on the ground level of IMAX sells something called Velvet Chicken, which are chicken wings tossed in chili chocolate sauce. Sounds perfectly sinful, doesn't it? That which is chicken, is fried and has chocolate in it cannot theoretically go wrong. But I wanted to put it to the taste test, of course. I was a little skeptical, because few, if any, restaurants perform culinary experiment with chocolate.

But when the dish arrived, it smelt good and tasted even better. It looked like ordinary chilli chicken or chicken manchurian, but the sauce was distinctively different. A perfect blend of soy, chilli and chocolate, the sauce had a spicy-sweet taste. Its sweetness was not overwhelming yet distinct and the dish retained its typical '(Indo) Chinese' taste. It was a success as far as experiments go, and if you are at IMAX, I suggest you try this.

Priced at INR 250 for a smallish serving, it may seem a tad steep to some, but it is definitely worth a try.

RATING: 3.5/5

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