Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cadbury Oreo Choco Crème

I'm back with another review of 'The World's No. 1 (overrated) Biscuit'; this time, it's the Oreo Choco Crème. I've tasted all varieties of Oreo, including Vanilla cream, Strawberry cream, Blueberry cream and Oreo Double Delight, which I have reviewed on Chocosophy, and I maintain there are better products out there. The Oreo Choco Crème is just another ho-hum variation from Cadbury's (now Mondelez International) Oreo stables.  

This classic sandwich biscuit comes with two thin dark chocolate biscuits with a layer of chocolate cream in between. The chocolate cream is lame with little flavour and all one gets in their mouth is a load of sugary goo. The cookie seems to have more chocolate than the cream! You do not want to twist-lick-dunk this shit, especially the lick part.

What is good news, though, is that Oreo in India has arrived at a very competitive pricing point with a 150g pack (including the 30g Free) costing only INR 30. I think this makes it cheaper than or at par with most other Indian products. So you won't be spending much and still be indulging in a fancy schmancy brand, if you so wish. I, for one, give it a thumbs down.

RATING: 2.5/5

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