Friday, November 8, 2013

Theana's Little Den

Take a little gander through Facebook and you come across scores of chocolatiers. Their pages are colourful places where they are either sharing pictures of their latest creations, taking orders, sharing recipes or simply their love for chocolate. This growing community is passionate and is trying in its own little way to add to this sweet industry. I came across one such, called Theana's Little Den, and was charmed by its cute logo and earnestness.

Theana's Little Den is a home-based chocolatier, who believe in 'creativity, uniqueness and surprises'. They offer a wide range of chocolate bouquets and make customised chocolates and cakes. I think the alphabet chocolate squares are particularly cute and will make great gifts for little ones. Also, look at the diaper cake, will ya? :D

Their other offerings include chocolate-dipped marshmallows, muffin bouquets, cupcake bouquets, wafer/chocolate/food bouquets, cold-drink can cakes and all kinds of assorted chocolates. What's more? This all-in-one chocolatier also makes Indian sweets like kaju katlis, barfis, and gulabjamuns!

This Mumbai-based chocolatier can be reached on or 022-23812766/ 9820149913

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