Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sofit Soya Milk - Chocolate

In my constant and futile bid to find 'healthy' chocolate, I sometimes buy things like the Sofit Chocolate Soya Milk. And halfway through my first glass, I always reach the conclusion that soy milk is sad indeed and my heart goes out to the lactose intolerant amongst us. However, the chocolate flavour seems to have become better of late or my taste buds are dying.

The change in taste may have something to do with the brand changing hands. Previously a Godrej brand, Sofit has been recently acquired by chocolate giant, Hershey's (India). In fact, Hershey's seems to have taken over two more brands most of us 80s/90s kids will be nostalgic about, viz. Jumpin and Nutrine Maha Lacto. Add to that the world-famous Hershey's syrups.

Coming back to Sofit, it's not all that bad when served chilled, but it cannot compare with good old fashioned chocolate milk. But it has loads of nutrients and health benefits, thanks to no zero cholesterol. It has very little fat too, but one ought to watch out for the sugar, of which there are copious amounts.

Sofit comes in four other flavours, including Natural, Mango, Vanilla and Kesar-Pista, which are available in 200 ml and 1 lt Tetra packs. The 1 lt. pack costs INR 95 and has a shelf life of nine months.

It's a good option if you are lactose intolerant or are just trying to make somewhat healthier food choices.


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