Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mc Vities Digestive Chocolate Creams

The good thing about being a chocolate blogger is that chocolate never goes out of fashion. There is never a dearth of new chocolate-based products, because chocolate can never go wrong... or so the brands like to think. It's like a company wakes up one fine morning and says, Hey, I need to increase sales...let's slather some chocolate on an existing product and bingo! Well, because there are chocolate fanatics like me, the idea works most times, but not always.

Here's a classic case in point. I really don't understand why Mc Vities decided to go down the chocolate route and dilute its Digestive category. In my opinion, Digestive biscuits, which are usually associated with healthy eating, don't really sit well with chocolate. While a lot of biscuit brands make Digestives and this is probably a good advantage over competition, it definitely does disservice to its healthy food identity.

Sadly, the end product is not great either. The biscuits are soggier because of the moist chocolate cream, taking away the characteristic crunchiness one associates with Digestives. The chocolate cream itself is also average, but much better than the kind they have in their Choco Creams product.The packaging is the only attractive thing about this product. A 100 g pack costs INR 25, which is on a slightly higher side than products in the category. But then again, one isn't sure what category to place this product in. Meh.

RATING: 2.5/5

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