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Chokovita by Kavitha Andrade

There's no other way to start this review than with the declaration that this post is about the best fudge in the world! I could write a poem about this one, I really could. Pune-based baker and chocolatier Kavitha Andrade's Choco-Mocha fudge has blown the Chocosopher's mind. The Choco-Walnut Brownies were lovely too, but this is a song in praise of the fudge, remember?

Kavitha Andrade
Now let's start from the beginning. Kavitha Andrade heard about Chocosophy on social media a while ago and asked me to review her chocolate-based products. I was more than happy to oblige, because it happened to be Chocosophy's first out-of-Mumbai review request. I also love to know and write about people for whom chocolate is not just business but a personal passion. Kavitha is one such person. I shot her a few questions, which Kavitha readily answered. Here goes:

1. When and how did you get into the chocolate making business?
I grew up eating Toblerone, Quality Street, Kit-Kat, etc and my love for chocolates still continues. Six years ago, I attended a two-hour workshop on basic chocolate making and decided to try making them at home. Whoever tasted it, enjoyed it. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur; so in 2010, I decided to start on my own with loads of help from my husband (Hector); he is always there guiding, encouraging,motivating and supporting me.

2. Where do you make your chocolates? Do you have any help? 
I make my chocolates at home. My husband helps me but I have no other help as such. My daughter wouldn't like it if I didn't mention that she helps me too... she enjoys baking with me.

3. What's your vision for your business?
I am satisfied with the pace my business is going at. I have a loyal list of customers who come back to me and they are spreading the word around. Presently, I am working towards getting corporate clients. Though my dream is to have my own chocolate cafe one day. A cafe that would sell brownies, fudge, cheesecakes, chocolates and all things chocolate. I am planning to conduct baking classes for beginners soon.

4. Is your brand eponymous? Or is there a name for your business/brand?
My business goes by the name of  Chokovita (coined by Hector).

5. What are your specialties? Which are your most popular chocolates?
My specialties in bakery products are Brownies, Blondies, Muffins, Cookies etc. The No Bake products are - Choco-Walnut Fudge, Mocha Fudge and Cheesecakes (with various toppings). In Chocolates, there are Rockies (with assorted nuts), fruit & nut, Mocha, Rum n' Raisin, Date Crunch, Roasted Almonds. I also make liqueur chocolates and truffles with assorted flavours. I am in the process of making a menu card, but the general price list of the products that are sold on a regular basis is as follows:
1. Brownies: Rs.40 per piece
2. Eggless Brownies: Rs. 35 per piece
3. Muffins: Rs. 20 per piece (Oat n' Raisin, Carrot, Apple n' Cinnamon, Banana n' Walnut)
4. Fudge: Rs.450/kg
4. Chocolates: Rs. 1000/kg
5. Truffles: Rs. 1200/kg

I could see why the brownies and fudge are among Chokovita's hot-sellers. The brownies were deliciously soft with a layer of finely crushed walnuts on it. I particularly like the fact that the nuts were finely chopped because large bits of walnuts tend to leave behind a bitter taste. But I've eaten brownies of this quality before.

What I hadn't ever come across was a fudge of such mind-blowing standards. My greatest association with fudges are the hard things one gets in Lonavla, and therefore it had never figured in my favourites' list. Kavitha's Choco-Mocha Fudge has changed that perception forever.

The fudge was melt-in-your-mouth soft. It had the richness of dark chocolate and the full-bodied taste of coffee, coming together to create an intensely flavourful experience. This is the kind of chocolate that satisfies you with just a piece or two. It's a different point that you don't want to stop eating it. And not just I, but the five people I shared it with agreed upon the perfection of the fudge. In short,you will be hard pressed to find a better fudge than this. Go get some!

RATING: 4.5/5

Kavitha can be contacted on 9923400379 or


  1. How about sending us few Kavitha. Keep it up ! we are proud of you. God Bless

    1. Thank you Vicky......Come to Pune soon..:)

  2. I'm sure Kavitha will be happy to. You know where to get in touch with her!

  3. Can vouch for her brownies, fudge, cheesecake and chocolates...all fantastic.

  4. Can vouch for her brownies, cheesecake, fudge and chocolates. You dont get stuff like this unless theres love in the recipe. thats her secret ingredient.


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