Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chocolate things at Chocolateria San Churro

If there's one person I know who is as passionate, actually even more passionate than me, about chocolate, it's my friend, Sundeep. The guy pretty much knows all the desserts Mumbai has to offer. He is the kind that will drive a hour in the traffic just to have a cup of hot chocolate, or call a restaurant to reserve a piece of his favourite dessert! Yup. I need more such crazies in my life. :)

It was on his insistence that we went all the way to the Breach Candy outlet of Chocolateria San Churro, because it is the bigger, better outlet. Sundeep had been raving about San Churro and how I MUST go there to drink the 'real hot chocolate'. How could the Chocosopher not go and check out one of the few authentic chocolaterias in Mumbai? San Churro is a chain of chocolaterias in India, with outlets in Mumbai, Delhi and Surat. The brand believes only in Spanish Couverture (the finest, most authentic chocolate in the Spanish tradition) and their very informative website explains it all very well.

The Breach Candy San Churro cafe is a huge affair on the first floor of building. Elegantly done up, the cafe has paintings on the walls trying to bring alive the Spanish ethos. A pastry showcase displays inviting chocolates and pastries at the order counter and cozy-looking chairs and tables are spread across the floor. After I walked around taking photos like a tourist from a village (much to my friend's embarrassment), I settled down with their menu. So much chocolate!!!

We ordered, on Sundeep's suggestion of course, an Azteca - a chilli-infused hot Spanish chocolate, a plate of churros and a raspberry chocolate shake.

San Churro Azteca - a spicy hot chocolate drink
The large-ish cup of Azteca - a spicy hot chocolate drink arrived in a bit and I think my jaw dropped just looking that that thick, rich concoction. I was finally looking at a cup of the real thing; not those lameass excuses for hot chocolate that most places serve. It smelt as divine as it looked with the delectable aromas of dark chocolate, chilli and cinnamon. The drink tasted diviner with just the right balance of sugar and spice. The hot chocolate was so thick, it could almost be pure molten chocolate. Creamy, smooth and perfectly spiced, this drink is a must try. It is, however, extremely heavy and it takes quite an effort to down a cupful.


Churros with milk chocolate dip

The sinful churros came next. Churros are basically deep fried batter things, sprinkled with frosted sugar and served with a milk chocolate dip. Since deep fried and chocolate CANNOT go wrong, the churros are amazing. Crisp churros dipped in creamy chocolate will melt even the hardest of hearts and add to the girth of the slimmest of waists. But you have to have it at least once to know what this is all about. Mmm...


Raspberry chocolate shake
The Raspberry Chocolate Shake was the third thing on our list - a cold shake just to clog up our arteries some more. But hey, one doesn't go to San Churro everyday. I was expecting a pink-coloured drink when we ordered it, as most places are wont to as soon as the word berry comes into the equation. But this lovely thick chocolaty shake made its way on our table. I was rather eager to try this one because few places, if any, combine fruit and chocolate in their beverages. The blend was just right - just the right amount of fruity flavour and the richness of chocolate. But this is for those who like to experiment with their food. Purists may not enjoy this unusual concoction. But, I like!

RATING: 3.5/5

While their quality is fabulous, stuff at San Churro is quite expensive and it is more a place for occasional indulgences than your everyday cuppa joy. Go.


  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for telling me where to get real hot chocolate. When I come to Bombay to try it, we're going on this date!

  2. WOW.....your photography makes me feel like i am at the restaurant.... :)

  3. Thank you so much, Chaitanya. I'm still learning food photography and am glad someone's appreciating the effort I put in. :)


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