Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Haldiram's Chocolate Soanpapdi

An Indian mithai debuts on Chocosophy. Finally! Chocolate is taking small, steady steps in this domain thanks to some adventurous Indian sweetmakers experimenting with chocolate. Marrying traditional recipes with cocoa is giving birth to a new genre of sweets, bridging the taste gap between generations. I'm of the opinion that the younger generation of Indians is veering towards chocolate, but the market for Indian sweets is vast. Chocolate has had a hard time growing in India, given the vast variety traditional sweets have to offer.

But when brands like Haldiram's introduce such fusion products, it is an indication of evolving tastes. It could also be that Haldiram is making these for overseas customers, since they are a highly exported brand. Whatever the case, I was one happy puppy when I spotted the Chocolate Soan Papdi. I've always like the regular version and was very curious how well (or not) chocolate would go with it.

Given that Haldiram products are in great demand abroad, their packaging is always great - designed for prolonged freshness. Inside the outer violet wrapping, is a transparent plastic case and under that, foil wrapping. The products are always beautifully presented, and doesn't this almond and pistacchio sprinkling look absolutely gorgeous on the sweet?

The sweet itself was wonderfully flaky and melt-in-the-mouth, typical of Haldiram's quality. I don't remember ever being unhappy with the brand's quality of products. However, it was the chocolate bit that was disappointing.. The only thing chocolaty about this sweetmeat is the colour. It neither tasted like chocolate nor like regular soan papdi. The end result is that this wishy washy tasting product will get a thumbs down from both, the chocolate lover and the purist.

While a 250 g pack costs a mere INR 60, stick to the regular version is what I'd say.


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  1. agree 100% with you on this one . just stick with the regular one .


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