Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lindt Swiss Premium Dark Chocolate

This chocolate blog's made life a lot easier for my family and friends, who now do not have to think twice about what to buy me for a gift. I'm predictably elated every time someone gifts me a bar of chocolate. This whopper was given to me by Pravin, one of my two brothers in law. I did a little jig in my head because DUDE! this was like 300 gm of plain dark chocolate, and a Lindt no less.

For a chocolate lover, plain dark chocolate offers the most primal kind of joy. Flavoured, nutty, fruity, liquor, and crispy chocolates have their own place, but plain dark chocolate stands its own.

There is nothing to be said about Lindt's quality that hasn't been said already. It is little wonder that Lindt is considered one of the most premium chocolate brands in the world, and it has held on to that coveted position for years on end.

 This is a Lindt Swiss Preimum chocolate in what is called a large gold bar format. Made using the company's coveted recipe, this dark chocolate is beautifully smooth and rich. This is the kind, as I always say, that will satisfy you with just one square. While Lindt makes much finer stuff, this guy is not too far behind in the soul satisfying quotient.

The best part is that, you'll find it in most duty-free stores at airports for something like INR 500-600p; yes, I don't remember seeing these at any regular stores. Lindt's Large Format Gold bars are the perfect choice of gifts and are available in flavours like Dark Chocolate, Cherry, and Almond; Gold Hazelnut; Gold Milk; Gold Raisin and Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate and Orange and Silver Surfin Bar.

RATING: 3.5/5

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  1. I AM ANTI - LINDT . Lindt is the single most over rated brand of chocolate on this planet . the biggest thing which i do not like about it is the texture . it is just too smooth . its like they have made the product just too perfect ( i mean into whatever is perfect according to them) . its like those perfect mc donald fries , just has no character and becomes boring . i hate that picture of the guy making those chocolate balls on those tiny toothpicks . its like they are screaming .... look at me , look at me ... we are premium !!! . the big bar with the medical capsule shaped filling was boring . never buy the chocolate bunny , coz its hollow and boring . and the ones which they call lindor don't survive in our conditions .


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