Friday, July 12, 2013

4700 BC Gourmet Popcorn introduces chocolate popcorn

Biscotti Milk Choco-All-Ate

Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate.j
Peanut Butter Dark Choco-All-Ate
This post is pretty much like begaane ki shaadi mein Abdulla deewana. I was *THIS* thrilled to see the following press note in my inbox, because my hopes from the Indian chocolate industry are very bleak. So each time, someone comes up with something innovative or luxurious, I do a little happy dance in my head. :)

4700BC Popcorn (funky name, eh?) has introduced a line of gourmet chocolate-coated popcorn and boy, do they look divine! Can't wait to get my claws into one of these buckets. Sadly, though, they're only available in Delhi right now. Mumbaiyyas and the rest of India are waiting, waiting...

Check out the press note below:

Find more reasons to enjoy the melting richness of chocolate with 4700BC Popcorn. Bring extra joy to your leisure time by munching your favorite chocolate flavored popcorn in a healthier and lighter way. 4700BC has a range of popcorn, dipped in the goodness of chocolate along with nutty flavors.

Walk on cloud nine with our all time favorite Biscotti Milk Choco-All-Ate adorned with Milk Chocolate and Crunchy French Biscuits. Its wonderfully light and crispy twice cooked kernels, draped into warm buttery caramel and milk chocolate, goes good with a cup of coffee due to its crunch in every munch. Take a few minutes break and enjoy the Black Grape Vanilla Choco-All-Ate made of velvety vanilla aromatic corns infused with chocolate topped with alluring dry black grapes.

This Choco-All-Ate treat just doesn't end here. Cookie Moonlight Choco-All-Ate, Peanut Butter Dark Choco-All-Ate, Jamaican Rum Choco-All-Ate and Nutty Tuxedo Choco-All-Ate are sure to add a tang to your healthy snacky option. Whether you need a wave of energy or bust of calm, sweeten your tongue or enjoy healthy and chocolaty snacks, pop up your taste bites with your loved ones.

The regular packs of the chocolate flavors starts at Rs 125 onward.

Visit their website for more information about their products and offers -

Exclusively available at: DLF Place, Saket, The Great India Place Mall, Noida, DT Cinemas, Delhi & NCR

About 4700 BC Popcorn
Nearly seven millennia before movie nights and microwaves, humans munched on popcorn as discovered in Peru around 4700 BC. Ever since, it has witnessed numerous stages of evolution, however, the essence of its originality is being virtually unaffected. We, at 4700BC Popcorn have maintained the same tradition with utmost care and affection. Our research have led us into territories untouched by man - only to assemble the best of global techniques, ingredients and flavors ever developed since inception of popcorn. We bring to you the old fashioned, handcrafted popcorn from the time they are bred and nurtured by Mother Nature till the time they are hand delivered. 4700 BC Popcorn is a brand of Zea Maize.

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