Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sundrop Snack Break Chocolate Pudding

Sundrop, from the house of Agro Tech Foods Ltd., introduced the Snack Break Chocolate Pudding a while ago, positioning it as a healthy yet nutritious milk-based snack. I remember the first TVC of the product, especially the sublime smile on the face of the Buddhist monk on eating it. :) I can't find it anywhere on Youtube, but some of you might know what I'm referring to.

Since its launch, I've bought and eaten this product numerous times, and have found the quality to be consistent. The pudding is gooey and smooth and melts in your mouth. The chocolate is pleasantly flavoured and finishing the whole pack won't make you sick with sweetness.  

The fact that it is made of 30% skimmed milk makes it comparatively healthy. Other ingredients include water, corn starch, edible vegetable fat, low fat cocoa powder, salt, emulsifiers, stabilisers and artificial flavours. It has a great shelf life, but once opened must be consumed entirely. Priced at INR 30, it might feel a tad expensive, but makes for a good option for those who MUST east chocolate and crib about their weight all the time.


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