Saturday, March 16, 2013

Chocosophy product launches: Tabasco, Weetabix, Maltesers

I dunno why all the chocolate action of the world should be taking place in the UK, but sigh... here it is.

This is like the ultimate fantasy for a chilli chocolate fan. Empire Foodbrokers will soon be releasing the Tabasco Brand Spicy Dark Chocolate Paint Can and Tower to mainstream grocery channels in the UK. The release will take place at the IFE 13 (The International Food and Drink Event), the largest F&B event in the UK. According to, the red Paint Can contains 120 chocolate wedges. Each dark chocolate wedge is infused with Tabasco spice, containing just 30 calories and 53% minimum cocoa solids.


In what is being touted as the "biggest UK innovation of the decade", Mars has launched Maltesers Teasers. Teasers are chocolate-coated honeycomb balls in a block format and will be available in the UK from the 26th of March, 2013. This is the first major innovation by the company since it pumped a mindblowing $ 8.9 mn into R&D last year. Mars Chocolate UK trade communications manager Bep Dhaliwal told, "The launch of Maltesers Teasers is set to re-energise the block category and attract new customers who are looking for a treat or for sharing with friends and family."


Cereal giant Weetabix has finally gone chocolate, and is launching a multi-million dollar cross channel campaign to promote it. Ben Cooper, group brand manager at Weetabix said the campaign launch marks a “significant” investment for the brand.

“We want to communicate that Weetabix with Chocolate is Weetabix fuel with the added taste of Chocolate, making it an ideal option for Mums looking for a chocolate cereal. This new re-launch aligns the product with the brand’s ‘Fuel for Big Days’ campaign to confirm the product is Weetabix first and foremost,” Cooper added.

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