Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ritter Sport Marzipan

I am ashamed to admit it, but this is my first Ritter Sport ever. Yeah, it is shameful that a self professed chocolate aficionado shouldn't have tasted even one of the forty million flavours that this brand seems to make. Well, not *those* many, but Ritter Sport has lots and lots of variations.

 I spotted this at my favourite supermarket cum stockist of imported maal, Chandan Stores on Sion-Trombay Road, Chembur, Mumbai. There were other flavours too, but when you're married into a Catholic family, it's like an ethical code to show favouritism to marzipan. Yup, I didn't know what it was before I got married, but five Christmases past, marzipan's become almost sacred. Who those who don't know, marzipan  is a confection consisting primarily of sugar or honey and almond meal. Commonly used as chocolate filling a la Ritter Sport or turned into variously-shaped and coloured sweets, they are a great festival favourite in Western nations, and of course, the pao community here.

Coming back to Ritter Sport's Marzipan, it is a regular German chocolate, and by regular German, I mean good chocolate. They are better, at any rate, than regular Indian chocolate. The marzipan is encased within the squared plain chocolate bar. The bar has 16 squares. Their plain chocolate has 50% cocoa solids; nearly as much as most Indian 'dark chocolates' have. 

The filling, as you can see, is quite generous. It is also quite flavourful, with the taste of marzipan coming through quite strongly. However, it is not overpowering, and the marzipan and chocolate complement each other well. 

These addictive things cost INR 150 for a bar of 100 gm and are fairly easily available in metros. They are also comparatively affordable and make for a great occasional treat, if you like flavoured chocolates.


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  1. i distincly remember trying the marzipan one and i also distinctly remember not liking it . so will have to completely disagree on this one . though a word about ritter sport . as far as the texture ( by that i mean , is the chocolate hard or soft , the difference between silk and normal dairy milk ) of the chocolate is concerned i think ritter sport is the best . i like the one in the brown paper , the one with the hazelnuts . i think raisin and hazelnuts if i remember correctly is one of the best chocolates i have ever had .


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