Thursday, March 7, 2013

Galaxy Crispy Milk Chocolate

Mars Inc. produces just so many brands of chocolate, that it is impossible for a reviewer to not feature a mars product every few blog posts. Recently, Galaxy chocolates made quite some noise with their TVC featuring a digitally resurrected Audrey Hepburn. 

Like Snickers, Bounty and Mars, Galaxy is a huge selling brand by Mars. Established as early as 1810, Galaxy is recognised and sold the world over, albeit under different names in different countries. While it is sold as Galaxy in the UK, India, Ireland and the Middle East, the brand is marketed as Dove in other parts of the world.

The packaging and product features are exactly the same for both brands. However, Dove is famous for its cute li'l Promises messages inside every chocolate wrapper, which look like this. I wish they'd do it with Galaxy too. 

Anyhow, Galaxy chocolates are fair, with or without the messages. I bought a bar of Galaxy Crispy Milk Chocolate the other day for a review. These chocolates have been around for a while, although I'm not quite sure when they came to India first. The brand was re-launched in major cities in 2011*. 

A typical Galaxy bar looks like this with a G inscribed on the lower right corner of each of its six sections. The milk chocolate is really smooth and lives up to Galaxy's (corny) tagline of 'Why have cotton when you can have silk? It has rice crispies for the crunch, like crispy chocolate from any brand. The product is sweet like standard milk chocolate and stands out only because of its smoothness.

My only problem with Galaxy chocolates is that they melt very easily at (Indian) room temperatures. In their defence, however, they mention the ideal storing temperature as 18-22 degrees C. However, how has that stopped anyone from forgetting they had a bar in their handbag or in the office drawer just above the always on computer processor?

So one often ends up with a very messy blob of Galaxy chocolate. However, when you've paid just INR 20 for a 36 g bar of essentially foreign chocolate, you don't feel too bad.


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