Friday, March 1, 2013

Honey Dukes Coffee Dark Chocolate

This looks like the week of discovering new Indian chocolates, and a chocolate reviewer couldn't be more thrilled. I found this nice-ish looking pack called Honey Dukes Chocolatier at a local store and half suspected it to be Bangkok/ Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur-made - the lands of fancy-looking, ugly-tasting and corny-sounding chocolates. But on inspecting the packet further, I found that these are made somewhere in Bangalore, India by a company called United (India) Interlinks. The coffee flavour was especially exciting and I couldn't wait to try it out.

So I eagerly opened the box - layer number 1, and was greeted by a silver plastic casing - layer number 2. OK.

I peeled that off to be greeted by a pencil-box like plastic casing - layer number 3. Hmmm.

When I opened the plastic case, there was layer number 4 - a green foil. Aahlright. I was beginning to empathise with Duryodhana by now. He must have felt like this when disrobing Draupadi.

Thankfully, no Krishna came to this one's aid and the chocolate bar with just five blocks was finally revealed to me. Yeah, roll the drums. I was finally going to be able to taste Honey Dukes Coffee chocolate. *eyeroll*

Anyway, apart from the saga of unwrapping, the chocolate turned out to be surprisingly decent. The packet - layer number 1 - vaguely says 'Dark Cocoa', but the cocoa percentage is nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, it is dark chocolate with coffee in it. The overall taste and texture are passable, but the coffee blend isn't smooth. It reminded me of those 'fake' coffees, which have loads of chicory in them. There is that unpleasant graininess in coffee-chicory blends, which I found in this chocolate as well.  

However, for most people who don't eat their chocolate like a review-obsessed moron, this will be good enough. As non-Cadbury Indian chocolates go, this is of a fair enough quality and I am glad more and more indigenous chocolate brands are coming up with new products. The packaging makes you feel a little cheated, and INR 40 for 50 g seems a little steep, but I'd say try it at least once.

RATING: 3.5/5


  1. Wow. Never had heard this brand until Chocosophy decided to unveil it to a larger audience. But four layers of packing? This is totally unique. Dark chocolate with a coffee flavor, hmm, sensing some Coorg connection here. Maybe. Will try this surely.

  2. Chocosophy is more than happy to do such unveiling. :) When you do find and taste some, let us know!


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