Saturday, June 15, 2013

Win Win Magic Crunch chocolate-filled corn snack

I think I'm convinced that Gujju businessmen are demi gods. Name it and their stores have it. Not necessarily greatthings, but yes, allthings. I chanced upon a product by a Malaysian company called Win Win Food Industries, written like this ---> Win 2. It is a corn snack with a chocolate filling called Magic Crunch. Win Win Foods makes a range of snacks and confectioneries, ranging from bakes potato crisps to biscuits & cookies, to flavoured breads. The company's products have many credentials including being No GMO (genetically-modified organisms), Halal certified, vegetarian and ISO certified. But that's no guarantee for taste, eh?

Yup, in my experience as a chocolate reviewer, all Malaysian chocolate products have been consistently crappy. And Magic Crunch Corn Snack with Chocolate Filling is no exception. Magic Crunch has another better looking variation - a dark snack with vanilla filling, but I'm guessing that's not great either.

The outer 'puff' is crunchy but oddly salty, which does not in any way complement the chocolate filling inside.   Placing salt and sugar in one confection requires the expertise of say, a Lindt chocolatier (Watch out for the review of Lindt Dark with a touch of Sea Salt!). The chocolate too is meagre and of a decidedly under average quality. In short, these chocolate-filled corn snacks suck.

A pack of 75 g costs INR 45 and is definitely not on the Chocosopher's recommended list. If chocolate-filled snacks is what you like, our homegrown Cadbury Bytes are a much better bet, though they might not be as healthy as a corn-based snack.


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