Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hot dark chocolate at Le Cafe, Chembur

Finally! A decent cup of hot chocolate.

After my disastrous run at Costa Coffee (where both the hot chocolate and the Beglian Chocolate Frappe suck) and at The Chocolate Room, where the hot chilli-infused chocolate is just so, I was beginning to lose hope. Can no one make a decent cup of hot chocolate, I asked of God. And the answer lay right in my neighbourhood! Since the hotel Jewel of Chembur opened, all their F&B spaces have been talked nd written about. I frequent their pub, Astrix, but I'd never tried their restaurant, Moksha or cafe, Le Cafe... until today.

The pretty cafe overlooks the busy station road and has a lovely ambiance. I settled in with a friend at a cozy corner table and without thinking twice, ordered the hot 'dark' chocolate. I had to put this 'famous' cafe to the chocolate beverage test, given my bad experience with them so far. A cup of steaming hot chocolate was presented to me in some time with a 'Facebook F' dusted on it. Why it was written in the reverse is anyone's guess.

I didn't care really, as long as the hot chocolate was good. I took my first sip and baby, I was in love! The beverage went down my throat smoothly, its dark and sweet flavours warming my heart more than anything. I sipped on gleefully while my friend tried to suppress his amusement at my orgasmic expressions. But I couldn't care less. I HAD FINALLY FOUND A GOOD CUPPA HOT CHOCOLATE!

Past the froth, the hot chocolate looked deliciously dark and I should have remembered to ask the cafe what drinking chocolate they use. I'm fairly sure it was drinking chocolate and not a melted chocolate-milk infusion. It still was very rich and delish. However, I have to admit, it started tasting extremely sweet halfway through the cup. Not that it stopped me from downing it wholly! This monsoon, you must have this lovely hot dark chocolate from Le Cafe, if you're in Chembur and need some heart warming.



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