Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chocosophy product launches: New Milka range, Zico chocolate coconut water, Stone Grindz

Spain gets three new Milka chocolate snacks 

Mondelez International's milk chocolate products brand, Milka, has launched three new products in Spain including Choco Moo, Choco Tutti and Cake & Choc. 

Milka Cake & Choc is a tablet-shaped cookie filled with Milka chocolate nuggets, Milka Choco Moo is a cow-shaped cookie covered with Milka chocolate, and Milka Choco Tutti is a cake comprising two layers of chocolate sponge cake topped with Milka chocolate. These products have been around in other countries, but will be new to Spain and will hopefully be imported here too soon.


Zico chocolate coconut water

US-based company, Zico, that sells packaged coconut water has introduced chocolate as its newest flavour.  Apart from chocolate, Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water is available in flavours like Pineapple, Latte, Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry-Banana, besides the natural one. The introduction of the chocolate flavour will please many health-conscious chocolate lovers, and will be available from July 1 with independent retailers in the US. The chocolate-flavoured drink will be sold in 400 ml and 1 l resealable cartons.


Stone Grindz Morrocan Mint & Cashew chocolate

Artisanal chocolate makers, Stone Grindz, have introduced a unique flavour called Morrocan Mint and Cashew that is 100% raw and organic. Despite being made with the old-age stone grinding technique, the chocolate professes to be smooth with a lovely earthy flavour. 

What truly makes Stone Grindz chocolate unique, aside from being 100% raw and organic, is the texture. As the name implies, the company's entire product line, including coconut butter and superfood bars, is made using a stone grinder. This gives the chocolate a rough, sandy texture like that of traditional Mexican chocolate, and it means that mix-ins like nuts and fruit are ground into fine pieces along with the beans to be strewn evenly throughout the bars. Stone Grindz products are available at farmers' markets in Scottsdale Arizona, US.

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