Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spraymintt chocolate-flavoured mouth freshener

When a friend saw that link about the Edible Anus on Chocosophy's Facebook page, he jokingly said I ought to take it easy. I don't think he was joking, though. I'm definitely going chocolate mad, keeping my eyes peeled for anything that tastes, looks, sounds or smells like chocolate. So much so, that when I went to the chemist's a few days ago to buy medicines for my unwell son, I found my eyes settling on this random product hung on the far end of the shop.

A chocolate-flavoured mouth freshener!!! I immediately thought of an article I once read about Heidi Klum. The supermodel had said while she loves chocolate, she cannot eat it, so she 'satisfies' her craving with a lip balm that tastes like chocolate. I thought I had found such a calorie-free solution to my chocolate addiction in this chocolate-flavoured Spraymintt Instant Mouth Freshener, a Lovincare Cosmetics product, marketed by MidasCare Pharmaceuticals.

But I couldn't be more wrong. I excitedly opened the pack for my first chocolate spray experience and what I got instead was this weird synthetic taste that is more peppermint than anything else. Even a little clove, maybe. But whatever else it is, it is NOT CHOCOLATE! And when the only ingredients are Pudina ka phool (mint flower), Peppermint oil, Dalchini ka tel (Cinnamon Oil), Lavang tel (Clove oil), Elaichi tel (Cardamom oil), HOW THE FUCK IS THERE GOING TO BE A CHOCOLATY TASTE?

The verdict is easily reached. Do not, I repeat DO NOT buy this product for the 'chocolate'. That said, it serves its purpose quite well as a mouth freshener and a 15 g bottle costs INR 60. What else can I say? All that is brown is not chocolate.

RATING 1.5/5

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