Friday, January 18, 2013

World Chocolate Wonderland Fashion Show

This post is another fabulous first for Chocolate and Other Sins, because it talks about CHOCOLATE FASHION! It's like combining the two great loves of my life. It is one of those rare times when Fashion Goss and this blog will share a post. I IZ THRILLED!

So, basically some kooky fashion designers got together, and made models walk the ramp with chocolate clothes on - that too fully edible! No, not really. The World Chocolate Wonderland Fashion Show was held at Shanghai on the January 17, 2013 as the opening act for the World Chocolate Wonderland theme park in China. The first-ever chocolate theme park is slated to open in China by end of January 2013.

Here are some of the chocolate creations sported by the models at this unique fashion show.


  1. Chocolate, chocolate everywhere, not a bar to eat.

  2. Arre dude, you are friends with the admin of this blog. You'll never not have chocolate.


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