Friday, January 25, 2013

Satva Getrim Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake

All things chocolate are not fattening.

Of the many things I've been doing in the past six months in a bid to get fit, trying Satva's Getrim meal replacement shake was one. As a weight management product, Getrim works very well. A 300 ml glass of shake made with two scoops of Getrim and low fat milk makes for a 'meal' less than 200 calories. I personally prefer it for dinner, because it doesn't have a great satiety value. If you don't go off to sleep soon after this dinner, you're going to feel hungry after about three hours.

The product is available in Strawberry Cream and French Vanilla flavours too, but I being me  picked Chocolate Mocha the first time. I've tried all three by now, and sadly, Chocolate Mocha has turned out to be the worst variant.

Now I don't expect wondrous flavours from a protein blend of mostly milk, soy and whey, but this one's just crappy. My biggest problem with this product is its solubility. You can shake and stir as much as you like, but lumps of dry powder will float about, making the consistency rather unpleasant. If, however, you take the trouble of making it in a blender, it becomes okay and will look something like this.

The Mocha bit in the Chocolate Mocha is barely discernible, unless you count that slightly bitter aftertaste. The French Vanilla and Strawberry Cream flavours are much more palatable, and don't make drinking a meal replacement shake look like such as bad idea.

Priced at approximately Rs. 700, a tin of 500 g serves about 20 meals and is well worth the investment, if you are serious about your weight management plans.

RATING: 2.5/5

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