Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mahak Choc On

Picture this day in the life of a chocolate reviewer. Now, you are reviewing decadent hot chocolate from an award-winning British chocolatier; next you are dealing with potty quality chocolates like Choc On. Sure, I deserve a slap on my face for letting Katrina con me into this one, but WHO THE FUCK MAKES SHIT LIKE THIS?

When I tasted Safari (review to be up soon!), I was sure no one could make such terrible chocolate. But Mahak has managed it well, and with Katrina Kaif to endorse it! The company obviously has pots of money to be able to rope in Kat and create a reasonable ad campaign. But without morons like me who get curious and buy it once, they won't last very long. Because nobody can eat this shit twice.

Choc On reminds you of those horrid chocolates some of your relatives got from the UAE, or those you bought off the odds and ends kiosk outside school. Teeth-numbingly sweet, weird thick texture, tacky packaging, there's nothing in it that will earn any sympathy points from me. The 30 g pack costs Rs. 10, but don't eat it even if someone's giving it to you for free.



  1. Hahahahaha! I am going to think of you every time i see that retarded ad before a movie :D

  2. Sigh. I've been eating Kurkure desperately since then to get that taste out of my mouth!

  3. i remember seeing the the poster for this one on our buses . i was really excited because i thought the packaging looked like bounty . the white and blue colour and the coconut trees made me think this was a desi version of bounty . then i saw adverts with katrina kaif and i thought this must be a premium product . i even looked it up on google . but it was not available at any shops . i finally found it at a small roadside shop and was shocked when the guy told me the price ... 5 rupees . this one is so bad that it is probably the only chocolate ( although strictly speaking it doesn't even qualify to be called that ) that i spat out . this is so terrible it should be banned . katrina should be questioned if she even had a single bite before endorsing this crap . mere bachpan ka kismi tofee bar was 100 times better .


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