Monday, January 14, 2013

Gone Mad Choco Sticks

Yay! This is the first ever brand-request review on Chocosophy (and boy, am I glad that it is a product I don't have to write bad things about).When they sent a mail asking if I would like to review the product, I jumped at it, and they sent me a box-full of these. I wasted no time in opening one and pretending to smoke a cigar! :D

What you notice first is the cute packaging, and you know that GarudaFood's Gone Mad Choco Sticks are those little fun wafer chocolatey things that kids and shameless adult chocoholics will love.In fact, the designs on the packaging have been created by a bunch of school kids from Bangalore!

The wafer of the choco sticks is crunchy and the filling is generous. Stuffed with chocolate, they are well worth their price of INR 5 per stick. What I especially like about them is that the chocolate is not overly sweet. My only grouse is that they break really easily, and if not stored with care, all you get it bits and pieces crumbling out of the packet.

The kind of box I was sent comes with 24 pieces, and is priced at INR 120. A smaller pack of five, costing Rs. 25 is also available. The product is currently being sold only the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, but I don't know why kids from other states shouldn't be able to sample this wonderful wafer chocolate.



  1. This shit looks gay.

    What happened to the real Chocostix?

    I used to sit in a corner with them and pretend I was a brown sugar addict.

  2. haha! This shit works for people looong before they even know what brown sugar is.


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