Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amul Dark Chocolate

While Amul is the largest market player in India as far as pure dairy products go, it has not had much luck with chocolate. It has quietly co-existed with the Nestles and the Cadburys of the world and produced consistently produced sub par chocolates. They recently re-introduced their Dark Chocolate with this attractive looking print campaign, proclaiming a 55% cocoa concentration, which is high by Indian standards.

I had to try the "new & improved" Amul Dark Chocolate, obviously. What should have been obvious-er to me is that there would be nothing "new & improved" about it. Even the packaging doesn't look too different from the older one. The chocolate, while pleasantly bittersweet, is not smooth even at room temperature. It has a crumbly, powdery texture that I have long associated with Amul's dark chocolates.

However, Amul's USP with chocolates has always been their pricing. At just INR 20 for this 35 g bar, Amul offers a pocket-friendly option for lovers of dark chocolate. But if you are picky about how your dark chocolate feels in your mouth, Amul isn't the right product.

RATING: 2.5/5

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