Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snickers Dark and Almond bars

Spotting imported varieties of regular chocolates is a little like stumbling upon a treasure for me. The other day I saw these two babies, and I was doubly excited. I adore dark chocolate and I've recently discovered that I also love roasted almonds in my chocolate. I was looking forward to the twists in the much loved Original Snickers product.

Because I saw and bought them together, I decided to do a joint review. So yeah, unless you live in a metro, you are not likely to find them in India. These lovely varieties are imported and are stocked by the snootier supermarkets and I get to have them. (#fuckyeahbitches!)

But seriously, the Snickers Almond is quite epic. IMHO, it is much better than the peanut snickers and I didn't think that was possible. But the Snickers Dark was a disappointment. The Dark variety is just regular Snickers with dark chocolate, but the peanut-nougat-caramel combination is so overpowering, that the dark chocolate doesn't come through. It's a good product by itself, but doesn't offer a dark chocolate love much. The Almond variety, on the other hand, is milk chocolate yet distinctly different because of the whole nuts.

If you're looking for variety, Snickers Almond is a much better bet. The Dark bar, which costs INR 110 for 51.9g (the Almond bar is similarly priced) isn't worth it.

Snickers Dark RATING: 3/5
Snickers Almond RATING: 4.5/5

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