Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cadbury Twirl

So, it's a Cadbury Christmas! One can't help but keep coming back to this brand, simply because they have such a vast variety. I've reviewed a number of Cadbury products on Chocosophy, including cookies and chocolates, and the line-up still seems unending. This time, it's the Twirl, a product quite similar to the Flake.

However, unlike the Flake, Twirl has a solid/smooth layer of milk chocolate on the outside, which makes it a sturdier product. The Flake, while lovely, isn't a very popular product, because it is very fragile. The Twirl is an improvement as it gives the consumer that lovely, flaky taste experience without it crumbling into pieces all over the place.

The Twirl comes in the popular 2-finger format, which makes it easy to share/store. The milk chocolate is rather ordinary - like most Cadbury products are - and has the brand's trademark sweet taste. What makes it different are the flakes that melt in one's mouth.

A 43g pack with two fingers costs INR 60, simply because it is an imported product. Milk chocolate and Cadbury lovers will like it but it certainly isn't unmissable.


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