Thursday, December 19, 2013

Heidi Dark Espresso

There's a reason why Swiss chocolates are considered among the best in the world. Brands like Heidi uphold the legacy of quality and variety and delight consumers year after year. However, the Swiss brand has changed hands recently, and was formally taken over by the Romanian company, Kex Confectionery SA in April 2013. One can only hope that Heidi retains the reputation it has built over the years.  And going by this chocolate bar, nothing has changed.

I was fairly impressed the first time I ate and reviewed a bar of Heidi chocolate. It was a Heidi Grand 'Or Milk chocolate with Almond Florentine and I remember being amazed at the innovative combination. So when a friend gifted me another one from the house of Heidi, I was like this ---->  :D

The Heidi Dark Espresso is one delightful coffee-chocolate and I know because I've tried quite a few of those. I think I am partial to caffeine's kick as far as flavoured chocolates go. On opening, the bar smells rich with the distinctive aroma of coffee. The slim bar snaps cleanly and easily into convenient sized squares. The rosette inscribed chocolate pieces melt beautifully in the mouth, releasing dense cocoa and coffee flavours. My only grouse against this are the tiny coffee nibs in the chocolate... not too fond of them. But for those who love a little texture in their chocolate, the Heidi Dark Espresso will be a delight.

This 100gm bar will cost you approx. INR 200 and it will be well worth it. It'll also make for a good last minute Christmas present if you haven't bought anything yet!


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