Monday, April 22, 2013

Nestle Aero

I finished the many pending posts of Chocosophy yesterday after much badgering by chocolate stakeholders at home. Because without my photographing them first, no one gets to open a new chocolate bar. This baby had been sitting in the 'collection' for quite some time and boy, I didn't know what I was missing!

Bubbly chocolates are an absolute joy. There are many brands making this kind of chocolate today, but Nestle was the pioneer with Aero. It has come up with many variations over the years like mint, orange, white chocolate and even biscuit, but the USP of the product remains its amazing texture.

Aero is basically an air chocolate, which is made using a complex process invented by one Mister Rowntree in 1935. Head to Wikipedia to know more about this process. The bottomline is, the air bubbles in the chocolate increase the taste experience manifold and look like coarse foam material on the inside - see this?

I was so mesmerised by my first air chocolate experience that I almost didn't notice how sweet the milk chocolate bar was. Aero also apparently has a couple of dark chocolate variants - plain and orange, and it would be quite something to taste those. Other Aero products include caramel and truffle bars and even hot chocolate!

If you haven't tried an Aero or any air chocolate yet, do. The laws of chocolate addiction compel you to! At INR 65 for a 41 g bar, it is every bit worth your money and more.


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