Sunday, May 12, 2013

La Confiteria Delaviuda Milk - Lait

From what I could gauge from the translation of the brand's website, La Confiteria Delaviuda is a Spanish brand, that was established in 1927 in Toledo, Spain, by Dr. Manuel Lopez and his wife, Maria Rojas. While confection-making was Lopez' family tradition, he didn't live long enough to carry on. After his death in 1939, the business fell upon his widow's hands. Maria, along with her children, determinedly carried the business forward and came to be known as the 'sweet widow' for her quality confections.

Today, the brand sells a variety of chocolates and obviously sells in many parts of the world, landed as it has in a supermarket shelf in Mumbai.

After my tryst with sugar-free dark chocolate, this sugar-free milk chocolate was the perfect find. I wanted to see how milk chocolate would compare with dark chocolate sans the sugar. I was disappointed. The sugar-free Milk - Lait La Confiteria Delaviuda chocolate has a very strong aftertaste of the artificial sweetener, Maltitol. Although Maltitiol, a sugar alcohol, is a popular sugar substitute of its sweetness and low calorific content, it leaves an unpleasant taste behind, at least as far as this European chocolate is concerned.

That apart, I love the package design with a fail-safe solid colour combination of blue and red with white - like the UK or US flags. The bar is plain looking, without any branding. The bar isn't splotchy looking like it is in the picture - that's just fridge-frost. Also, a 100 g bar costs INR 195 - too steep unless you're a diabetic chocoholic. All in all, a product you'd like to give a miss.

RATING: 2.5/5

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