Thursday, May 9, 2013

Butlers Honeycomb Crisp Milk Chocolate

The best thing about running this blog is that everyday I go to bed knowing that there will be more chocolate tomorrow! THERE ARE SO MANY BRANDS AND VARIETIES OUT THERE! Every time a friend returns from a trip abroad or I from the supermarket, there is something new to be eaten, enjoyed and written about. Oh, the world is a sweet, sweet place.

This sweet offering, for instance, has come all the way from Ireland. Butlers was founded in 1932 by an Irishwoman Marion Butler, who initially called it Chez Nous. The small company was based in Dublin and was bought over by Seamus Sorensen in 1959; the Sorensen family still owns this brand. The Butlers brand was born in 1984. Today, the brand's luxurious chocolates are sold in over 35 countries globally, and it is best known for its cafe chain format.

Among its many varieties, is this milk chocolate with an intriguing ingredient - honeycomb! Honey in food, yes. But honeycomb!? I was most curious about how it would taste. The honeycomb (10%), along with rice crispies (5%), has been added to this chocolate for crispness. The result is a wonderfully crunchy bar of chocolate with a hint of honey. But crunch and smoothness apart, the bar is pretty regular.

A consumer won't know what honeycomb tastes like from this bar. I was also disappointed with the excessively sweet milk chocolate. Overly sweet milk chocolates are my biggest problem with Indian milk chocolates as well.

Milk chocolate lovers will quite like this product, but I see no reason why anyone should pick this up over a regular Cadbury Crackle, especially when a 100 g bar costs almost INR 220.


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  1. They are obviously using the said ingredient as a marketing gimmick.


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