Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Giving in

I am giving in. Giving in to my most passionate, enduring love. The love of chocolate. No matter that I'll probably die of diabetes or a waistline no pants will be accommodate, but write about chocolate I must. Chocolate. That which I spend a lot of my waking hours thinking and lusting after. That which my eyes longingly seek at familiar shelves of supermarkets. That, which I buy and eat a lot. That, which, I recently realised, I was addicted to.

In fact, I decided to start this blog last weekend when I was out on a work trip to Kerala. The place was an Ayurvedic resort and the meals served were good, wholesome, regulated and vegetarian. The place was in the middle of nowhere and there were no shops within the resort. In short, no chocolate! For three days, I had had no chocolate and I understood that my system must have been craving for it when my body moved involuntarily towards the first airport kiosk where it spotted some.

Never a fan of Cadbury products, I was overjoyed to behold that bar of Almond Bournville and snatched it with a gusto that would rival my 3-year-old son's enthusiasm. And as I tucked into the dark bar of heaven, I decided to pay my tribute in words and thus Chocolate and other sins was born.

I will be posting short reviews of chocolates of all manner - plain, dark, milk, white, with nuts, and liqueur. I will also review other F&B products with chocolate in them like cakes, pastries, shakes and other confectionery. Heck, you might even find me reviewing cosmetics that claim to have chocolate as their main ingredient. So, you see, this love is an all-encompassing one and likely to outlast my love for all else.


  1. You don't get diabetes just by eating chocolate or anything sweet for that matter. Only if your body doesn't produce enough insulin naturally. So, please go ahead, indulge your choco cravings! And yes, courier some sin over to Pune, if you can :) <3

  2. Yeah, men. It was meant to be a zoke, although lifestyle diseases are no laughing matter. However, my blog posts in the future are sure to have enough references about rotting teeth and expanding waistlines and under-pressure pancreas. :P


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