Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cadbury Bournville Almond

Despite the endless lame TVCs of Bournville, this chocolate warranted a tasting simply because it is dark chocolate, and oh, because it was the first thing that came my way after a 3-day chocolate drought.

Yes, for hardcore dark chocolate lovers, 44% cocoa is beginner level stuff. But most Indian palates, used to Cadbury's other cloyingly sweet offerings, Bournville is dark enough. Fairly smooth and with not too many almonds, this chocolate does well when faced with dark chocolate scarcity emergencies.

The packaging is nice and although priced on the slightly higher side (Rs. 75 for a 80 gm bar) as far as Indian chocolates go, it will serve you well when when you've forgotten to get anything for your Rakhi brother or sister. Otherwise, there's nothing in it that 'you (should) have to earn (it)'.



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