Sunday, January 26, 2014

Volume Hazelnut and Almond Milk Chocolates

Volume Chocolate comes from the house of Cagla Cikolata, a Turkish chocolate-manufacturing company, established in 1992. I've reviewed another one of their seen-often-on-the-shelf brands, Truffino before and after tasting this one, I'm convinced of the substandard fare made by the company.
What the company seems to get right is the packaging. Just like the Truffino truffles, the slim Volume Chocolate bars come in very attractive packaging. Strangely enough, none of their wrappers overtly mention the company name. However, with their lovely packs designed in royal blues and purples, they are rather inviting. I picked up the two available varieties, Hazelnut and Almond Milk Chocolates.

But the moment I saw the 100% chocolate sign, I suspected it wasn't. My suspicions were confirmed when I tasted it. The chocolate was flaky and excessively sweet with a sprinkling of nuts. It was hard to tell the almond from the hazelnut, and both tasted similar. The taste of cocoa was rather weak too... certainly not what '100%' chocolate tastes like.

Sized like a Kit Kat finger, but longer, these Volume Chocolates cost a ridiculous INR 40 apiece (40 g) and definitely not worth the price. Give these average chocolates a miss. Most of our desi chocolates are much better.


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