Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lindt Excellence Orange Intense

Recently, a reader of my blog commented on one of the blog posts here saying he is anti Lindt because he thinks they are overrated. I couldn't disagree more. There's a reason... no, plenty of reasons why Lindt is one of the best chocolate makers in the world. And God knows the competition is tough with new chocolate brands being rolled out pretty much every month. Lindt has made and continues to make the finest chocolates in the Swiss tradition.

In the past, I've reviewed a number of Lindt variants on Chocosophy, including Chilli, Wasabi, Sea Salt and Premium Dark.and given that Lindt has an amazing range, I shall continue to feature them. This time, as you can see, is Orange Intense's turn. Of Lindt's flavoured chocolates, Chili and Wasabi are my absolute favourites, not so much orange. Frankly, I've never understood the pairing. However, orange chocolate is a very popular flavour, much like the perplexing mint chocolate, and Lindt would have to cater to the demand.

The dark chocolate (a disappointing 48%) comprises orange slivers and almonds to give it a lovely texture. However, the taste is not as 'intense' as it promises to be and I'd have liked it to be zestier. But it is much better than the Cadbury Silk Orange Peel (shit) they make around here. Since the smoothness of all Lindt chocolates is incomparable, I won't say much else about it. If you like Orange-flavoured chocolate, you'll enjoy this, but this is certainly not one of my favourites.

A 100g bar is priced somewhere around INR 230-250, depending on the retailer and it is available pretty much at every decent department or confectionery store.



  1. Read ur review but will continue to love it :)

  2. Of course, Roshan! Gastronomic experiences are extremely personal. What is a delicacy to one might be completely unpalatable to another. This blog is just about my personal preferences about chocolate.


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